Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Friend Dana

I'm not entirely sure that she would like me to post this.  If you are offended Dana...please forgive :-).  We had a nice chat tonight.  I had forgotten just how much I love that gal AND her whole family.  There is a lot of history between our families.  We have shared laughs, love, music, tears, good news, bad news, births, deaths, you name it and it's been a part of our lives together. 

Dana is leaving for Army boot camp in a matter of days.  Pause here to tell you how proud I am of her for lots of reasons, but the service...THANK YOU Dana for your dedication to our country.  Dana looks AMAZING.  She has lost 49 pounds and is rockin' her size 7/8 jeans.  I am so inspired by her accomplishments.  As she was telling me today of her PT qualification tests I was happy, and envious all at the same time.  Will I EVER be able to do 12 push-ups?  How about a < 10 minute mile?  I could barely do 20 full sit-ups today in workout, much less 30.  You go girl!  I'm proud of you Dana.  We talked numbers, we shared calorie counts, we chatted about accountability AND we set goals.  She's gonna be bad to the bone (aka G.I. Jane) thanks to her boot camp workout, and by October (the next time I see her) I have a goal to be 175-180.  YIKES that number sounds completely impossible.  Yet, there is a part of me that is excited, inspired, challenged and hopeful. 

I have a 20 year reunion this Fall.  Am I gonna show?  If I do will I still be "the fat girl"?  25 weeks....40-45 pounds.  Sheesh...those aren't good odds, but I've beaten the odds before.  Who has two sets of twins without fertility meds?  HEHEHEHEHE!  I'm always scared to post goals, because I often don't make them.  My below 200 pounds goal by May 20th...not looking so good at this point.  It's April 5th and I'm at 220.  20 pounds in 50 days is like "Biggest Loser" kinda weight loss. 

Dana is young (22 years old) and has a LOT of changing, growing and learning left.  I'm 37 and a little further down the road to discovery, RECOVERY, and wholeness but we share a journey in common.  A journey to health and wholeness.  I will NEVER rock a bikini like she does, but I can wear that same smile knowing that it doesn't matter what the scale says anymore because I LIKE WHO I AM IN THIS MOMENT.  Thanks for the love Dana.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Thanks for the inspiration.  Thanks for being you.

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  1.'s all in your head! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH. My mom has lost 70 lbs since last year...1) complete diet change (she used weight watchers, it REALLY worked for her....she counts points in her meals so she doesn't overeat.....she went to the meetings every week & got support from people that "looked" just like her, she's now on her own..) 2) increased activity (for her, she walked more, parked at the end of parking lots, took stairs instead of elevator, she didn't work out) & lot's of water every time she was hungry! She was tired of being sluggish, her clothes not fitting & is unbelievably disciplined....because she wants it bad enough!! I am so proud of her! She was a size 22 & is now a 16 :)

    20 lbs in 50 days is totally do-able!!!