Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week Three Check-In/Week Four Goals

So sorry that I'm behind the game.  I should have written this post on Thursday April 19th.  Instead I was trying diligently to prepare for a brief weekend get-away.  Packing, washing, cleaning, preparing for seven people isn't easy.  This was our first trip to a motel with all five kids.  Sheesh...I could write an entire post on that.  We did have a great trip, but back to reality. 

Success in some areas.  Complete failure in others.  That's life though and the reality of learning to be comfortable in my own skin.  So I'm going to try and share openly and honestly.  Thanks as always for reading/supporting.

1.  Weight Loss Goal:  Desired number....216.  Actual number.....217.  A one pound loss.  I'll take it!  This was a miracle considering that I started eating like a pig on Wednesday and didn't stop until last night.  Oh what a struggle I've been having.  So I'm really frightened to see what the scales will say on Thursday 4/26/2012.

2.  Non-scale Goal:  I didn't do ANYTHING that I set out to do and feel ever so badly about it.  Why can't I do things that involve taking care of ME????  I'm gonna try again this week.  If any of you get a chance, why not send me an email this week to ask if I've followed up on this goal.

3.  Nutrition Goal:  BLEW IT!!!  Didn't even make an attempt.  I ate out on Tues. afternoon.  I made a very healthy choice, but then on Wed.-Sat.  I ate ENTIRELY too much.  I can't even begin to tell you how bad I felt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because of my overindulgence.  I literally have been stuffed with food, drink, emotion, guilt and conviction. 

4.  Exercise Goal:  I did manage to achieve this.  On Saturday 4/14/2012 I ran the 5K course that I completed in February using the "Tribal 5K" Motiontraxx mix.  My stride is still a little short so I ran 3.1 miles in 37 minutes.  I'm guessing because I didn't have a watch.  I however was able to keep the pace with the music and found it very challenging and fun to keep up with the drums.  I am so hoping to be able to invest in something that can help me map my runs, keep track of time, distance, calories etc.  IF this time was accurate that means I cut over 5 minutes off of my Feb. time.  YEAH ME!!!

I think most of my overeating stems from poor choices and being faced with what seems impossible odds at restaurants.  I am really going to have to plan better in these cases.  Such a learning experience.

Week 4 Goals:

1.  Weight Loss Goal:  After eating like an OINKER off and on for MANY days I will be happy to see a maintaining or a one pound loss by 4/26.  So this means 216-217.  Gotta love uncontrollable cravings due to PMS.

2.  Non-scale Goal:  Repeat from Week 3

3.  Nutrition Goal:  Repeat from Week 4

4.  Exercise Goal:  I want to do SOMETHING, anything 5X this week.  This could look like 2X class (Tue./Thur.), running 1-2X and a Zumba class.  It could look like jogging 3X, class 2X.  Maybe I'll do stairs one day???  I just have to do SOMETHING more often.  My body needs to move more.  It's craving it.  My spirit longs to move, fly, be free.

I haven't checked the "mini challenge".  I'm still working on the "mini challenge" from wk. 3.  So I'll see you all again on 4/26/2012 for a recap.  Have a GREAT day.

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