Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Realistic/Weekly Check-In

I really AM enjoying this challenge.  Although I'm not meeting goals and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all at the moment.  I think I'm really setting my bar too high (is that possible???).  After watching the motivational video about "exhaustion" I'm feeling a bit embarrassed about my post.

Here's my check in for Week 4....

1.  Weight Loss Goal: I was able to get those excess pounds off and see the number 217.5 this morning on the scale.  I'll take it!!!

2.  NSV:  Sheesh.  How hard is it to make a couple of phone calls???  For me very hard.  I can't get enough alone time to make a phone call to the chiro, massage therapist, doctor etc.  I AM going to do this tomorrow.  This must be a priority.  I'm hurting and I NEED some down time. 

3.  Ahhhh....another goal I didn't meet.  This weight loss journey is teaching me so much about myself.  What are the real priorities in my life?  How can I gently adjust/change them?   Learning to live my life in peace and balance.  All things I'm working on even IF I don't meet my "goals" for this challenge.  I'm gonna try again :-)

4.  Exercise Goal:  So what's that old thing..."best 3 out of 5"???  Wait that would mean I would have had to actually DO five of anything....ehehehehe.  I only got the three part.  Hey, but at least I'm not a couch potato anymore (more justification).

HELP!!!  All you people out there.  Anybody hear me????  Please give me some encouragement and motivation.  I need it!

Goals for Week 5:

1.  Weight Loss Goal:  I'm SICK of being in the 200's.  I HAVE to get through the teens and get closer to "one-derland".  So by Thursday May 4th I wanna see 215.  That would be 5 pounds since the start of the challenge (March 29th).  That would leave me 13 more to go in 5 weeks.  Is it possible????  Only time will tell. 

2.  NS Goal:  Register for 5K race in May (5/12) and order a new sports bra.

3.  Nutrition Goal:  Buy flax seed oil and quinoa.  Try at least one new recipe.

4.  Exercise Goal:  Ok I'm going to be realistic here.  I am hoping to run on Sat. (for an hour), and will have my regular Tue. workout, but I need to do at LEAST one more day of something.  Why am I finding it hard to get 3X/wk in these days?  So...this week 3X workout. 

On a more positive note here is an updated pic of me (taken today).  On the left is what I looked like in January of this year.  I'm still having trouble noticing a difference, but maybe others can????!!!


  1. Oh honey!! You certainly CAN notice the changes. Did you notice how small your waist has gotten? You can actually see light between your waist and your arms now! Also, your thighs are smaller and I KNOW your butt is smaller :) I love you and am SO proud of you sweetheart .........YEAH!!!!

  2. I think you are looking Great Janelle, and you can tell that you have lost weight. Just remember, if it comes off slowly you are more likely to keep it off, I speak from experience. I lost 80 pounds a few years ago in about 6 months, way too fast and managed to put most of it back on. This time, I took an entire year to lose 60 and have kept it off for over a year, even being pregnant!!! Its all about the lifestyle change, if you are felling better physically, getting around more and have more energy, then you are doing something right, don't beat yourself up about the numbers, concentrate on eating well and moving more, the weight will come off on its own, its all about changing the way you think about food and your relationship with food. The most important thing to me the first time I lost it was the numbers, the second time, I didn't weigh very much, maybe once a month, just to make sure what I was feeling and seeing in my clothes was weight, I just enjoyed feeling better, not getting out of breath when walking one flight of stairs, being able to play with my son without getting so tired, that's what makes the difference. Keep up the wonderful work, but please don't get discouraged, you really are doing wonderful!!!!!!!