Saturday, April 7, 2012

Knocking Down the Wall

So 3.1 miles used to be "the wall".  I remember thinking prior to February 18th that I would NEVER be able to run a 5K.  That day came and went and with God's help and the support of friends I finished my race, and it was faster than my personal goal! 
March came and went and I only ran 3.1 maybe twice.  I walked, hiked, jogged, worked out and did other activities but just didn't have the ambition or time to run 3.1 consecutively.  Last weekend was the breakthrough.  Leslie and I did the Gate path, both parts of Rainbow and hiked down Lookout.  It was wonderful and I am so glad that I did.  It took that boost to get me back on track. 

Today's run was approx. 5.5.  We didn't use Map My Run or Cardio Trainer, but based on Leslie's previous runs that is the mileage.  I didn't know my body could move that way for THAT long.  I did 5.5 miles in 1 hour and 25 minutes!!!  That is the longest I've ever moved consecutively, consistently, completely, powerfully.  Trail running is AWESOME!!!  Peaceful, quiet, natural...I heard things and saw things that you just can't experience on an elliptical or treadmill.  I ran along a river.  I ran along a road.  I pushed my way up hills.  I ran through the pain.  I just kept GOING.  There was a monster of a hill that I power hiked part of the way, but I never stopped.  There was one place where we all stopped and stretched and ate some power chews.  Everyone ran at different paces, but I just kept going.  It felt good to run, to be alone, to have time to think, be still, clear my head.  Leslie would double back around to check on me, or she would yell so I could hear her.  She would give trail directions "stay left" or "watch your footing ahead".  I felt so empowered.  Six months ago I couldn't run 60 feet.  Today I ran almost six MILES. 

So the proverbial wall is DOWN.  In reading and studying Hebrews 11, that chapter talks of heroes of the faith.   Joshua and the "Jericho" account are mentioned.  So I went back and read that section of Scripture. I've been obedient to the Lord.  I've marched around my walled fortress and I've screamed out in triumph (literally).  God knocked that wall down today and I took those miles captive burning all doubt that I could move my body like that and keep going.  I took fear captive and brought my offering of sacrificial movement to the Lord.  Yes, I'm making this spiritual.  For me it is!  I have to bring my will, my desire to stay put, my fear of failure to the Lord and submit myself completely to Him.  This journey is about realizing that I live, move and have my being in HIM.  It's so much more about Him than it is about me.  I'm finding Him, losing myself and loving every minute of it.

I came home took a nice shower, ate some butternut squash and broccoli and a bit of potato soup (leftover).  I am pushing the water and going to enjoy this glorious Spring day by celebrating a birthday with some friends of ours.  I feel ALIVE.  I feel FREE.  I feel blessed that I can move and enjoy life.  I'm going to do this again soon and who knows maybe a 10K this fall???? :-)

Here's a picture that a friend of mine has on her tumblr.  I wanted to share.  Keep running, and if you haven't started yet....what's your excuse????  

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