Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Game Plan

So here is my current game plan to get me to my next stage/goal....

1.  I've registered for two races this year.  Since I paid for both simultaneously I received a discount.  The Snohomish Women's River Run in May will be a 10K since I haven't run regularly or trained since July 2013.  The second race will be the 2014 Snohomish River Run in which I will participate in the half-marathon.  Both of these races are on Sundays and I usually don't race on Sunday's but I feel it's really important to push myself and I'm sure I have my pastor's approval.  Nathan gifted me these races for my 39th birthday.  I'm so blessed.

I'm looking at a few other races and am excited to get back to jogging.  Although both of my knees are creaking these days so I'm going to be careful.

2.  I'm going to participate in a challenge group led by a friend of mine.  Hoping to lose a few pounds by following a menu plan and each doing the same workouts and staying accountable via the Internet.  I'll give you more details on this in a bit.  Especially if it works.  This starts in a few weeks.

3.  I met with a new friend of mine to discuss life, Jesus, kids and health related goals.  I'm very interested in possibly using some of the products we discussed.  Yeah...more info on that also if I go with a program.

4.  I've got to get back into the groove with meal planning and once a week food prep.  It makes all of the difference when I do this for me AND for my family.  I'm also going to shop at Trader Joe's for the first time this week.

5.  Goal setting, journaling and reality checks...This is a big part of this journey for me.  I must stay focused, honest, accountable and on top of this to really see progress. 

I'm going to be posting soon about some goals to achieve before I'm 40.  So stay tuned...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

Short post.

Life.....gets in the way sometimes of living.

2013.  Not the best year.

Current weight 184.  That is a gain.  I was down to 171 at one point in 2013.  I've played with the 170s for months.  Now due to PMS and the holidays I'm in the 180s.

STOP.  NO more.  42 pounds.....gone by 12/31/14.

By my 40th birthday on 3/19/15 I WILL be my goal or lower.

One step at a time.  I CAN do this.