Things That Have Helped Along the Way

*Surrendering my life to the care and control of Jesus Christ.  He is my personal Lord and Savior.  If you ever want to learn more about knowing Him, really knowing Him, feel free to ask.

*Having accountability.  This comes in the form of a personal trainer.  In my case her name is Leslie Raper.  She is AMAZING.  I could go on and on about her but why not check her out at!/LeslieRaperFitness

*Classmate accountability.  I have friends that are walking this journey alongside me.  We are all at different points in our lives and that is what makes it so beautiful.

*C25K-a training program that I downloaded on my Android phone.  This helped me train for my first 5K. You can find it at

*MotionTraxx free tracks that I can run/workout to anywhere.  I have several on my ipod.  Check out

*The book Made to Crave.  Lysa Terkurst wrote this book about truly craving God and overcoming her food addiction and more.  For more info go to

*Celebrate Recovery is a ministry that I have been a part of for 6+ years.  I am currently facilitating a 12-step group.  The bulk of my weight has come off since I rejoined this group in May 2011.  To find a group near you visit

*Other weight loss blogs.  Reading about other people's journeys helps me.  It inspires me, challenges me, informs me and humbles me.  I've met some neat people online.  I'm grateful.

*WATER!!!  Lots of water.  Stay hydrated.  It really does help.

*Journaling.  I write my story both in print form and online.  They are different stories, different formats and serve different purposes.  Yet they both help in such unique and important ways.  I would recommend writing down your story to see how far you've come.  It really will surprise you.

*I've just recently started using Runtastic.  I really like this app.  I have a Windows phone, but they have ipod and Android apps also.

*I get rid of EVERY piece of clothing that I "outgrow".  I don't want to keep any "fat" clothes around.  I don't need a cushion.  I need accountability.

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