Traveling On....

3 years and 4 months into my journey. 

100 pounds down. 

In March of 2013 we moved from NC to WA to serve as missionaries with a new ministry (Restoration Ministries) and to help begin a recovery ministry (Celebrate Recovery) at a small church.  Although this move has been wonderful for our family it has been extremely challenging.  Great things have happened (I ran my first half marathon) and we have begun to address some deep family issues and are healing daily.  However, I've played with 12 pounds this year.  Depression, fear, PMS, training for a race, overeating have all contributed to the gain/loss. 

I will be turning 39 this month.  40 isn't a big deal to some, but I have mixed emotions about it.  I do believe that my 40's will be fabulous.  I have big plans, dreams and goals.  So I want to lose 40 pounds by the time I'm 40.  40 pounds in one it possible?  Well yes, I've done it and pray that I can do it again.

I have some plans in place to achieve this goal, and will keep you updated.  Here is a pic of me from last month (Feb. 2014).  Know that if you are reading this and are discouraged, hang in there.  Everyone's journey is different and there are road blocks, detours and obstacles.  However, I'm not stopping short of my goal.  I'm traveling on.....

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