Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 5 Check-in/Week 6 Goals

So today ended Wk. 5 for me in the "Ready for Summer Challenge". I feel as if I am making some progress but really had hoped to have seen a dramatic difference by now. I'm halfway through the challenge and not to my half way point pound wise. Oh well....I've got more time to keep on keeping on :-).

1. Weight Loss Goal: I had hoped that the scale would say 215 and this morning it said 216.3. Sheesh. Oh well. I will give myself grace because I am on my period this week. Hoping to see a little more gone by next Thursday. So since the challenge started I've lost 3.7 pounds. That's a little depressing to type, but hey at least I didn't gain 3.7 pounds.
2. NSV: I registered for my 5K race on May 12th. I'm going to be participating in this race with my brother, nephew and sis-in-law. So fun! Hoping to cut my time by at least 5 minutes.
I'll keep you posted.
3. Nutrition Goal: I didn't get the quinoa or flaxseed oil as I had hoped because I was waiting for payday and then I've had a sick girl. I did use Bragg's Liquid Aminos though in a stirfry and WOW!!! It was wonderful. I had never used them before and I prefer them now to soy sauce. So grateful to have tried something new. Also I've become a huge fan of raw sweet potatoes and
brussels sprouts in my salad.
4. Exercise Goal: I DID manage to get my 3X workouts in this week. I ran for 56 minutes on Sat. I did a very tough hill repeat workout on Sunday and I worked out with my class/trainer on Tues. and Wed. YEAH ME!!!

Week 6 Goals:
1. Weight Loss Goal: I'm on it and my mojo is BACK!!! Period or not I'm gonna press through and see those numbers go down, down, down. Thursday 5/11 my scale is gonna say 213!!!
2. Non-Scale Goal: Finish my 5K race in 38 minutes or less. Color my hair. This gray has to GO!!!
3. Nutrition Goal: Continue to eat 5 small meals daily. Keep my 3 Liter of water a day habit and get that flaxseed oil and quinoa!! I want to re-visit meal planning.
4. Exercise Goal: I ordered the Kettleworx DVD system and have only done one workout. I want to start it on 5/13. So that means a completion date June 23rd.
I'm so grateful to have found this challenge. I'm enjoying the challenge and the accountability. I'm proud of everyone who is participating and grateful for all of the encouragement.

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