Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding Time Vs. Making Time

So I'm struggling once again with the old ways of thinking. I'm finding myself having a really hard time exercising more than 2X-3X/week. Please hear me, I'm so grateful that I can move my body and that I have the opportunity to workout 2X a week in a class and often run once a week. However, I understand to keep melting this fat and sculpting my body to what I want it to become I simply HAVE TO MOVE MORE. This means 5-6X/week.

I am up by 5:30 am. Nathan and I have coffee and we talk briefly. Then we each have a time of individual Bible study. I'm currently doing a precept study on I and II Thessalonians. I just finished Lord, I'm Torn Between Two Masters. This is a study on the Sermon on the Mount. It was my second time going through this book and I enjoyed it while being challenged afresh and anew. After our time of study we wake the kiddos up at 6:30 (actually they are already awake, we just let them come out of their rooms). Then we eat breakfast together. After that we read Jesus Calling for kids. We all take turns reading that day's devotions ("oceans" as the bubs call it). Then Nathan blesses us. I fix his lunch and he kisses us all goodbye. Then our day starts in a FLASH. Tues./Thurs. I already have carved out a chunk of my day to make it to my 8:30 am circuit training class with Leslie. The class lasts 1 hour and with driving time and "chat time" I'm usually gone 2 hours. Then it's shower, feed the kiddos lunch and try to get some schooling and chores done that day. Tuesdays are full because of our involvement in Celebrate Recovery. So the issue is I need to find a time to get some movement in on Mon./Wed./Friday. I have been attending a Wed. night exercise class, but the last several weeks I have been unable to make it. Saturdays I usually trail run. It is tough to find or MAKE even 20 minutes on these days. Between school, doctor's appts, therapy, naps, baths, meals, etc.

I'm open to suggestions. I'm open to help. I guess it boils down to that saying that "you make time for things that are important". I'm gonna have to discipline myself to MAKE time to move 5-6X/week. What a struggle. Just wanted to put this "out there". If I write about it, maybe I can process it more effectively and get over the fence of apathy.

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  1. Maybe we could make some time to walk together? It's not as active as running or your classes, but you'd be moving AND I'd get to see my friend who I miss dearly! Love ya!