Sunday, May 20, 2012

MIA from the "Challenge"

I've been participating in the "Ready for Summer Challenge" and I haven't reported my progress or set new goals in two weeks.  I'm not quite as "ready" as I would like to be, but am glad to have taken the challenge.  I'm hoping that there will be another one soon to keep my motivated.  I've stumbled across some really neat blogs.  It's been a good opportunity/experience.

So here it is May 20th.  I'm almost finished with week 8 of the challenge.  I have two more weeks to go and am no where near the weight loss goal I originally set for myself.  I had hoped to lose 18 pounds.  I started the challenge at 220 and today the scales said 214.5.  Sheesh....not too good, huh?  I have had some non-scale victories though and am feeling more toned and fit.  I've become aware of some things in the last few weeks and hope to finish strong!

I will finish on Thursday and then I'll post my progress/new goals.  Just wanted to let anyone reading know...I'm still here ;-)

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  1. I am also part of the "challenge" but I look at it more like bloggers supporting bloggers. Don't give up, it takes time, just be patient and kind to yourself, and HONEST... and those pounds WILL come off