Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost Half Way There

So I'm almost half of the way on my weight loss journey.  I have lost 62 pounds as of this morning.  I have 18.5 more pounds to go to be "HALF WAY".  That would bring my total to 80.5.  My ultimate goal weight is 124-130.  I know that is a LOW number and possibly an unrealistic goal (without skin removal surgery), but I'm gonna keep pressing onto the prize.

Today was a special day.  My mother in law took me on a "yours and my's day".  As a treat for my birthday she took me shopping and to lunch.  We had a fabulous time and she blessed me with several wonderful pieces of clothing that I needed desperately.  I must say that trying on clothes wasn't completely terrible...ehehehehehe.  It was frustrating, but not terrible, frightening, humiliating and overwhelming as it was before.  Frustrating because I'm in between sizes.  Frustrating because my top size doesn't correspond with my bottom size.  Frustrating because I'm not sure I'll EVER look "right" in some things (i.e. a dress).  I even tried on the dreaded.......bathing suit.  Even that didn't hold as much power over me.  The purpose of a bathing suit is to modestly cover me so I can swim and enjoy myself and my children in the sunshine that God created.  That's it.  It's not a fashion statement or to prove something to someone else.  I didn't feel badly at all.  Not to mention that this year's suit will be at least two sizes smaller than last year's!

So yes, I'm halfway there, but I'm closer than I was a year ago.  I'm closer than I was a month ago.  I'm closer than I was yesterday.  As long as I'm moving forward I'm going the RIGHT direction.

Hang in there,


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