Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the Move

Spring is in the air and I'm on the move.  The last two weeks at CSI class I've really been trying to pick up the pace of my short interval runs.  I chose the heavier weights today in class and I really concentrated on form.  Last night at my FIT class I chose to walk up an incline AND add an extra hill.  I added distance and shortened time on my Sunday walk and I'm going to try and jog another 3.1 miles this weekend.  I have not jogged a 5K since my race in Feb.  I have walked, jogged, moved and lifted, but I haven't gone 3.1 without stopping.  It's time to do it again!!!

I have a race in May that I am STOKED about.  This race is special because my family will be participating.  My older brother Philip and sis-in-law Tammy will be jogging/running.  I think the most special part of the day is that Nathalie my other sis-in-law will be participating.  I'm not sure to the extent she will be walking/jogging as she consults the doc about her chemo on March 29th.  Greg my older brother I'm sure will be there in some capacity.  I'm even hoping (hint, hint) that he and/or my Dad will walk with my older 3 in the 5K walk.  What a glorious time it will be for ALL of us.  You see mostly we just get together as a family to eat, socialize and/or open presents.  I cannot remember a time EVER when we purposefully gathered together for a physical event.  My brother Philip, sis Tammy and I all were in a marching band at the same time.  Philip and Greg marched together in high school.  I think Philip and Greg might have been on same teams growing up, but I can't remember ALL of us doing something together.  My heart is saddened that Tyler can't join us, but right now his physical condition limits it.  Please keep praying for his seizure disorder and problems with his foot.  I'm gonna KEEP praying that one day I will walk/jog/run alongside of him.  The same for mom.  Once her new knee is in she'll be moving right along.  Our trainer Leslie has BIG plans for her :-)...hehehehehe have fun mom. 

So with Spring in my step, the PROMISE as my focus, surrounded by my friends and family (such a great cloud of witnesses...can you tell I've been studying Hebrews 11) I'm gonna get to moving.  Here is my friend Bobi's favorite song to spur you on to "moving" today.  Be blessed!!!!   

This is MercyMe's "Move"

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