Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Food" for Thought

Sobering as it is...here is a quote from my newest read "The Maker's Diet" for Weight Loss by Jordan S. Rubin. 

Here are "Seven Truths to Think About" by Gus Prosch Jr., MD (obesity specialist in Birmingham, AL-deceased in 2005). 
  1. If you're obese, you have a lifetime disease.
  2. Your metabolic processes will always tend to be abnormal.
  3. You cannot eat what others eat and stay thin.
  4. Anyone can lose weight and stay slim provided the causes of weight gain are determined, addressed, and corrected.
  5. Understanding insulin metabolism is the key to losing weight intelligently.
  6. There is absolutely no physiological requirement for sugar or processed foods in your diet.
  7. You must address all the contributing factors causing obesity.
WOW!  Whether or not you agree with all of these statements they are still worth really considering.  Think of each one in order before you move on to the next.  Really ponder and ask yourself if these might be true to you and your situation.  I have learned so much since the start of this journey, but I have so much more to learn. 

I'm looking forward to reading this book (I'm just in chapter 1).  I'm also looking forward to finally getting below 200 pounds and staying there the REST of my life.  I'm so close....this morning the scale said 208.5.  YEAH!!!

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