Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3rd Time's the Charm??? third race is Sat. morning. I'm hoping I can break the 40 minute time barrier. I've run the course once and I didn't time myself. The course has a few hills that are well...hilly ;). I'm also dealing with a "crunchy" knee. At this time it isn't painful, but it sure is noisy. My husband and children ask me to stop bending around them. I probably should have it looked at soon, just to avoid injury and confirm that all is well.

Wish I had more to say/report, but at the moment I'm at a stand still again. I can't wait for the day I can type...199. That day is getting closer. I did have an exciting workout last night. Leslie timed my circuits. My first round was 5:06. My second was 4 something...Third was 4:07 and last was just under four minutes. It was fun to push myself. I'm not sure of my consistency because my partner and I were sharing kettle bells. So some rounds I did exercises with the 20s and others the 25s. was fun and I'm sore today.

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