Monday, June 11, 2012

Goal-Reaching Rewards

Here are some things I've considered doing with my "miracle money" when I hit 199.  Please hear that it is just my 1st goal...not THE goal.  I do think my benefactor meant 199 since he/she included $199.  I'm sure I'll add/take away things on this list, but here's a start (not in any order).  I'm also sure that $199 won't cover all of this, so what I can't do I'll save for NEXT goal!!!  ***This goal was acheived on 8/3/2012
  • Bungee jump at the mall with my kiddos!  I will gladly get on the scale and look at the man's face as he's waiting to see the number creep up past 200.  When it stops on One Ninety Whatever...I'll see that as a victory.  I won't care how much I bounce, flop or jiggle.  I won't care that it's silly.  I won't be embarrassed.  It's gonna be fun!
  • Buy flip-flops
  • Get a mani/pedi
  • Have a chiro adjustment
  • A new journal (to record/write down all the Scriptures I've been memorizing.  One per pound.  Also to include spiritual insights.) *Purchased from Tobey Bechle.  A beautiful handmade, leather journal.  I transcribed my Scripture list into it while on my getaway with Nathan (8/17-20).
  • Put a group together for a hike to High Windy or Mt. Mitchell
  • Have a massage
  • Do 87 squats
  • Register for a race (an 8 or 9K, maybe even a half marathon)
  • Treat myself to one day/night away from hubby AND kiddos.  Nothing too dramatic or far away, it could be a B&B or even a friend's house.
  • A new book (any suggestions???)
  • A nice clean, fresh healthy meal from Early Girl or Sunny Pointe or Morning catch the drift.  Once again open to suggestions.
  • A new water bottle
  • A new sports bra
  • Buy the first piece of lingerie since 1996 (I know TMI)
  • A roller
  • An armband for my android phone so I can use it while I run.
  • A food processor *My friend Jan Allison found an old one she had and shared it with me.  Works great for now.  One blade is still MIA and she's looking for it.  So this can wait for a while.  
  • Take a cooking class
  • Run 5 miles *This was achieved with Leslie Raper and Wendy Moseley.  A ten-miler (run/hike) in Montreat/Ridgecrest on 8/2/2012
  • A new purse/bag
  • A new pair of boots (dressy/cowgirl)
  • A new pair of trail shoes/hiking shoes
  • Treat myself to a facial
  • The Eat-Clean Books by Tosca Reno
  • A heart rate monitor/GPS watch
  • Dentist appt.
  • New haircut/color
  • Some new running tunes
  • A "100" charm bracelet or some piece of custom designed jewelry
I know this probably seems extensive.  This is the longest "want list" I've ever made.  I feel completely selfish even typing it, but I must admit that 100 pounds is quite an accomplishment.  It's humbling to think that I really was just doing the RIGHT thing (taking care of my body) and that it feels so celebratory.  There is still shame, guilt and sadness connected to this process.  For years I was living in a state of denial, false reality and security.  There is forgiveness and healing in this process too. So what I'm really celebrating is true repentance, submission and freedom.  Good stuff, huh???

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