Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Miracle

Yesterday I received a miracle via "snail mail".  I hardly ever get anything in the mail that isn't junk or a bill, so I almost didn't open the envelope that had no return address.  It had a blurry postmark that I think said Asheville, NC.  I opened up the envelope to find a typed letter.  This is what it said.....

"Dear Janelle,
     I believe you WILL make it to 199...I know you WANT to make it to 199...
     So here is a little incentive for you and the funds for all you wanted to do for yourself when you made it!
     But you can't spend it 'til you have reached your goal!
     With lots of love and encouragement,

Me ;-)"

Who the heck is Me????  I am still stumped.  The letter was also accompanied by 199 dollars!!!  WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!  I just stood in my kitchen and cried.  What a blessing.  So now to ponder, pray and consider what I'm going to do with my blessing. 

By the way, if my "angel" is reading my post...199 is just my 1st goal.  The next goal will be 185.6 (100 pounds lost) and then my final goal is 145-150. 

I shared this not to try and reveal the secret identity of my benefactor, but to share that God THROUGH me has inspired, encouraged and touched others.  Someone heard and saw Jesus at work in my weight loss.  That's the best gift of all.

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