Monday, January 30, 2012


Ugh.....somedays I don't even want to eat.  Today is one of those.  I just don't like ANYTHING that's in the cabinets or fridge.  Nothing tastes good, and having to plan and eat a healthy meal is too much work.  I know I have to eat.  I probably don't eat enough truth be told, but I hate it.  I've worked so hard to overcome a food addiction and with God's help I think I'm approaching the other side of the finish line. 

So....having to shop for, plan for, cook for, clean up after seven people is exhausting and makes me not even want to eat.  Honestly, some days I can't remember what meals I've eaten.  I need to find a way to track my meals.  I used and that worked.  I just forget about the program and forget to utilize it to it's full potential.  Just wanted to jot down how I was feeling.  Thanks as always for listening....


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  1. I wish that I didn't want to eat. I know what you mean about meal planning and cooking being exhausting which is probably why I don't do it nearly enough. Anyway, hang in there and remember, eating too little can be just as detrimental to you weight loss journey as eating too much! ;)