Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year...New Me

So 2012 is finally here!  I did not gain a pound over Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I was pretty psyched about that!!!

I want to get some goals written down so I can have accountability on this journey.  I want to go into the New Year with reasonable, healthy goals and a plan to accomplish them!

Goals for Health/Weight Loss (2012):
1. FINALLY get below 200 pounds (first time since 2000)
2. Restore proper digestive function and increase the strength of my immune system.
3. Continue to work with Leslie Raper weekly.
4. Compete in my first 5K. Complete it WITHOUT stopping. This could be combo jog/walk. I just want to do it in less than 45 minutes.
5. Visit the chiropractor once a month (all of us)
6. Get regular massages (hey a girl can dream)
7. Move EVERYDAY (walking, playing, jogging, exercise class/DVD)
8. Get over my "food fear".  I want to actually enjoy or attempt to enjoy meal planning/shopping/cooking etc.
9. I want to eat at least two fruits and two vegetables DAILY.
10.  Get at least 7 hours sleep nightly.

I'm gonna stop there because if I try too many more I'm sure NOT to succeed.  Keep me accountable.  Ask how I'm doing.  Pray for me.  Think of me.  Check in on me on a regular basis.  Thanks for listening.  Happy New Year!

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