Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Soundtrack for My Journey

So there are some songs that have really inspired me during this journey and have kept my feet moving, my heart hoping and my mind focused.  Some of them I workout to, others I use during quiet times.  All of them are special in some way.  I wanna share them with you.

Natalie Grant-Daring to BE
My theme for 2011

My Theme for 2012

1. Only the World
2. True Beauty
3. Waiting for Tomorrow
4. Broken Hallelujah

Natalie Grant:
1. Desert Song

Kari Jobe:
1. You are For Me (I don't work out to this one, but man does it speak to me in times of need)
2. You are Good
3. Healer
4. Revelation Song
5. O the Blood

 Brooke Fraser:
1. Shadowfeet
2. Faithful

1. With All I Am
2. From the Inside Out
3. This is Our God
4. Stronger
5. Forever Reign

1. God I Look to You

Jesus Culture:
1. You Won't Relent
2. How He Loves Us

Israel Houghton:
1. Moving Forward
2. Our God is Greater

Misty Edwards:
1. I Will Run (Thanks Leslie)

Travis Cottrell:
1. In Christ Alone

Toby Mac:
1.Get Back Up
2. Made to Love You

This isn't an exhaustive list of songs that minister to me, but it should give you a few to relate to or even check out yourself.  Blessings to you fellow sojourners.

In Him,


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