Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Season of Lent

No this isn't a post about giving up chocolate...hehehehe

We ARE going to observe Lent as a family this year.  We have not worshipped in a liturgical church for several years (since 2005).  During these next forty days the Flint family is going to practice and observe simplicity, Sabbath, resting, meditation, togetherness.  By giving up things that distract us (the good for the best) it is my prayer that we would encounter Jesus and understand the fullness of His Salvation for us.  Nathan is going to be leading us in morning and evening devotions, prayer and Scripture reading.  The kids will be reading also and we will be writing Scripture daily.  I will try and update via blog as to what we are experiencing as a family.

I have a few books on my reading list for this time period.  I have set some goals and am THRILLED about this journey.  Lent doesn't have to be sad...just solemn.  Solemn isn't bad.  Most of my life I've been too hyper, too stimulated, too overwhelmed.  This time of reflection, meditation, journaling is not only going to benefit me and my family spiritually I pray that I can see a breakthrough physically.  I have a goal of being below 200 pounds for the first time in 12 years.  I want to see 199 by May 20th.  That's 88 days from today.  On May 20th I hope to run in the Biltmore Kiwani's 5K on the Biltmore Estate.  I hope to have a group of friends with me (this time running beside/with me). 

This journey of weight loss has definitely been a spiritual one for me.  I have realized that I have spent years of my life sinning against myself and destroying my body.  I've hurt those I've loved and I've grieved the very heart of God.  Years I've experienced shame, guilt, sorrow, fear and mistrust all surrounding food and relationships.  It's all connected for me and I'm so excited to see and experience even more revelation during this 40 day journey.  As I journey to the cross I pray that spiritually and figuratively that there would be LESS of me and MORE of HIM!!!

Blessings to you all,


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