Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I completed my first 5K race on Saturday here in Black Mountain, NC.  It was a VERY chilly 18 degrees.  The annual Valentine's Run was a success and I finished in 43:01 almost 2 minutes UNDER my personal goal.  I also was NOT the last person across the finish line.  There's an odd bit about that "goal".  Even as I was running the race I was thinking, you know the person that finishes last still wins if he/she is trying their hardest.  I stayed after I crossed the line and cheered on the people that finished after me.  There were other races that had done that for me, so I wanted to show others the same courtesy.  What a feeling it was to see the finish line!  There really aren't words to tell you the power I felt as I sprinted, yes sprinted, to cross the line.  The big red digital clock said 42:51, but my "official" time was 43:01.  My family and friends were waiting for me at the finish and my husband ran towards me and then beside me as I crossed.  There were hugs, tears and words of encouragement.  I'm hooked.  I want to do it again.  I can easily see how people become addicted to running.

I have come so far.  I have made such progress.  I have made big accomplishments, acheived many goals, but I haven't crossed my ULTIMATE finish line.  Many more pounds, many more inches, many more fitness goals are yet to be conquered.  This is one of the toughest parts of my journey, learning to balance excitement, pride, a false sense of security, willpower, joy, etc.  I want to keep working.  I don't EVER want to go back.  There just has to be a better way.  I can't go back.  It still feels so odd saying to people..."I did well", "It was good day", "Yes, I've lost almost 60 pounds".  These kinds of statements still feel like bragging.  When I share something good or positive it feels selfish.  What's that about?  Does this ever get any easier?  When will I not feel so overwhelmed?

Yet, even in the midst of all of this, Sat. was a breakthrough.  I'm definitely hooked.  Clean eating, fitness, running, exercising, it's where it's at.  I'm a different person.  Sat. showed me that I CAN do all things through Christ.  I had faith that I could run a 5K and I did it with God's help and a lot of hard work of my own.  I also had the support of two friends that ran beside me (Leslie Raper/trainer, and Drew Jorgensen/friend and sponsor).  There was my sweet husband and three oldest children at the finish line, and my dear friends Jan and Mandy.  I am such a blessed woman.

Change is not only possible...it DOES happen.  Not to the person with the most money, most luck, right place/right time.  It happens to normal, hard-working, people with faith who are willing to even be willing.  Hang in there.  I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

I'm NOT a Miley Cyrus fan, but I do like this song.  Here's "The Climb".

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  1. Janelle, I'm so excited for you! I can feel your energy and urgency to never go back just reading your words. I know you can do it and you will be so full of thanksgiving and even more faith. Love you friend!