Monday, July 16, 2012

Results of the Cleanse

Overall I'm glad that I did the Summer cleanse.  A weight loss of 7.5 pounds in ten days.  It helped me get some water weight/bloating taken care of and my tummy back on track.  It did NOT get me below 200 pounds.  The hardest part was the first day.  I was HUNGRY.  Also not having any protein for 5 days was a bummer.  I had two cheats (Day 5, Day 7).  Returning back to the "real" world of eating has been difficult.  My tummy hasn't been very happy with the amount of food I'm in taking now and I feel even more bloated than before I started the cleanse.  I have some ideas about food/fasting/choices that I'm going to experiment with.  The scales keep teetering between 201 and 203. my first digit EVER going to change????

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