Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Disappearing Act"

So I've disappeared from the blogging world.  I'm sorry to ANY of you that waste your time following me...hahahaha!

I've been through something in the last few weeks that I want to share about, so I'm MAKING the time today.  I went to the ER on November 6th with stomach pain/pressure.  I was admitted after a CT scan of my abdomen/pelvis.  I was released after almost a 48 hour stay in the hospital.  The official diagnosis.......OBESITY (like I didn't know that), Gastritis w duodenitis, and a duodenal ulcer.  OUCH!!! 

I have been miserable since I came home although so VERY thankful that I am not experiencing the pain that I did in the hospital.  I really have NEVER experienced pain like that.  It was worse than giving birth to Joseph medication FREE.  I am thankful for delodid (if that's how you spell it). 

Since coming home I've followed docs orders.  I have also managed to lose 16.2 pounds.  Please hear me, I'm not complaining about the weight loss.  I'm not even complaining about the amount of food I'm eating now or the things I've had to give up dietary wise.  I just want to feel better overall.  There has to be a better way than pain, pressure, bloating and almost everything I'm eating coming up or out almost immediately.  I am going next week to call a naturopath and get some advice.  There simply has to be a better way. 

The holidays are approaching and I'm not even excited about cookies, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, turkey, etc.  I just feel YUCKY!!!

So I'm open to suggestions, advice, teaching, instruction and something different than what I've been doing.  The most frustrating part is I've been changing my diet over the last year.  I do very little dairy.  I eat free range meats and mostly organic vegetables.  That's why I was so sad when I found out I was having stomach issues.  However, I'm not giving into discouragement.  I'm gonna press up and onward.

So today I weighed 247.5 that is a total loss of 38.1 pounds.

Thanks for reading,

Grateful but not 100%

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