Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Personal Trainer

Let me say that I never thought I would ever want to have a personal trainer or that I could even benefit from a personal trainer.  I thought that these kind of services were or people who were "serious" body builders or who had MUCH more experience with working out/exercising than I do.  I was WRONG.  Having someone to help me has been EXACTLY the thing I needed.

God brought Leslie and me together.  We have worshipped together in past settings.  I met her years ago at a women's conference sponsored by Crosswalk church in Blk. Mtn.  My mother and I were guest attendees.  Sandy Johnston introduced us.  Then years later we had the pleasure of worshipping together at Mtn. View church.  Although Bill, Leslie and their family no longer call Mtn. View "home" we have been able to maintain a friendship.  In all actuality we are closer now than before. 

Leslie is a certified personal trainer.  I have her card if you want it ;-).  She has lost a large amount of weight and kept it off for over a decade.  She also is a nutritional counselor.  Having trained at the rush and other facilities I knew that she "knew her stuff".  Here is her bio and email address (sorry shameless plug for my friend) 

Leslie Raper

Leslie has a passion for creative training, motivation, and nutritional guidance.
Leslie is a trainer with more than 10 years experience in Group Fitness and Personal Training. Her passion is to help men and women develop strong, healthy bodies while giving them nutritional guidance for optimum performance in and away from the gym.

While Leslie trains all fitness levels from beginner to advanced fitness enthusiast, her speciality is in programs that incorporate total body workouts that give you an intense workout that is injury free while considering all physical issues and taking special circumstances into account. You will burn fat, build lean muscle and feel incredibly successful. She does not believe in one size fits all and builds programs that are as individual as you!

Her clientele ranges in ages from 14 to 65, men and women. She conducts special group fitness such as training for young women's sports teams, Super Circuit Classes, Personal One on One, Core Stability Training and Back Care, specialized training for the female runner and training for the senior fitness buff.

Leslie's training offers something for everyone and you can be rest assured that every measure will be taken to make you comfortable, safe and most of all; successful!
Specializing In:
  • Postural Assessments & Corrective Exercise
  • Beginner Women Weight Training
  • Intermediate & Advanced Woman Conditioning
  • Total Body Conditioning for Runners
NASM & AFAA - Certified Fitness Trainer

Needless to say her patience, dedication, "Wisdom, Tenacity, Focus" and evident faith are part of what make her so special.  Leslie cuts through the "fluff" and tells me as it is.  She holds me accountable.  She sees the best in me and doesn't back down.  She prays for me and with me.  She pushes me when I need to be encouraged and lets me cry when I feel as if I can't do one more rep.  She doesn't mind when I can't find childcare.  She loves my kids and understands my situation.  The class she teaches on Saturday mornings at Biltmore Premier Fitness is HARD yet FUN!!!  What a neat group of ladies I have had the pleasure of working out with the last two weeks.  She has big dreams for me and is going to help ME have big dreams for me :-).  I am grateful to God for allowing our paths to cross and for giving Leslie the heart to work with this tired, stressed out, overweight, completely out of shape, broken down momma! 

I am thankful,


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