Saturday, November 27, 2010

A New Vocabulary

Ok so this "healthy" thing sure has a new vocabulary.  This goes for both the "clean eating" world and the "workout" world.  Today was my second Women's Conditioning Class with the fabulous, beautiful, talented, godly, fun, encouraging Leslie Raper (I'll blog about her later...).  I learned some neat, new things today.  I wanted to share them with you in a fun format.

Old Way of Thinking Vs. New Way:
"Clean and Press"-I used to think that involved laundry.  Today I learned that it was a weightlifting move.
"Bosu"-Maybe that was a type of noodle used in Thai cooking.  Today I learned it was a half of a "stability ball" used for balance, exercising and all other kinds of "delicious" torture Leslie creates :-)
"Medicine Ball"-In my college days that might have been the name of a bad  Today I learned that they come in various weights and are much heavier than you think after using them for various exercises.
"T Twist"-Not a type of pastry....a twist involving the thoracic whatever.  I'm not even sure I know what I'm talking about.  All I know is that we had to do a push up and then do this twisty thingy.
"Lady Gaga"-What happens when I've had a hard day :-).  Good workout music????  Still not sure about that one.
"Bicycle Crunches"- What  might happen when you back over your kids bike in the driveway.  Today....a very painful move on top of this torture device known as a "ball".  Oh if you could have seen me today.  You would have laughed.
"Core"-What is found at the center of an apple.  Now I know it's something muscular I'm supposed to have.  Oh it will be YEARS before I find my "core".  No really somewhere in me is this fabulous size 10. 

These are just a few from the "workout" world. 
Ready for the "clean eating" realm?

"Organic"-Something that my eleven month old boys produce.  Locally grown produce and other items.  Ones that are healthier for me (although often more expensive).  I'm learning.
"Quinoa" (pronounced Keen-wa)-I thought that might have been something a ninja said while attacking.  Come to find out it's a complete protein and a "super-grain". 
"Range-fed"-This doesn't mean a meal that I put on the table after cooking it for my family.  It means that beef, chicken, turkey etc. are raised only on natural foods, grains not corn or other filler foods.  Also they haven't been exposed to harmful antibiotics and other environmental hazards. 
"Kefir" (pronounced Kee-fur)-A famous actor (sorry couldn't resist). A pro biotic, natural drink made of fermented milk.

Hopefully you've enjoyed my playful take on things.  In all honesty I am learning everyday what living a healthy life means.  New vocabulary.  New ways of doing things.  New mindset.  New.  New.  New.  It is hard.  It is humbling.  It is overwhelming at times, but I enjoy learning.  I'm a good student.  I always have been.  I pray that I can retain what I'm learning AND keep pressing in for more knowledge everyday. 

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  1. Ok... so Lady Gaga made me LOL! I love you! :)