Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being Held Accountable (Long POST)

*LONG POST*  Get comfortable, sit back and read away!!!

Accountability is almost a curse word these days.  People want to live their own lives ANYWAY they please.  They don't want to be held accountable by any kind of authority.  This could mean parents, teachers, government officials and even "a higher power", THE higher power, GOD!!!  Ok...that soap box is for another blog :-)

I have chosen to become accountable to people in my life.  I was a part of Celebrate Recovery for many years.  This meant that I was held accountable by a small group of trusted women by sharing in group, talking over the phone, meeting with my accountability partners etc.  I LOVED it and miss it very much.  However, this season of my life does not lend itself for a weekly CR meeting. 

Well I knew that embarking upon this journey to health and wholeness was NOT going to be easy.  I knew that I needed some accountability.  So I have prayerfully chosen to share my situation with others.  I am sharing through this blog.  Most women won't disclose their weight.  I have chosen to share it with ALL of cyberspace.  I am choosing to allow the worship team at Mtn. View to hold me accountable.  I shared with them in last nights rehearsal a brief statement about needing to be held to the "fire" and wanting them to speak the truth to me in love.  I also am being held accountable by my mother.  We meet weekly to share our food journals and weigh.  Lastly, yet most importantly I am being held accountable by Leslie Raper and the other ladies in the Women's Conditioning class on Sat. mornings. 

So I have SO FAR TO GO, but I'm on the way.  I WANT you to come along with me.  I WANT you to speak the TRUTH IN LOVE if you see me making a bad decision, I WANT you to pray for me and with me.  I WANT you to ask how I'm doing/how things are going.  I WANT TO CHANGE and I NEED help!!!

Thanks for listening, sharing, loving and encouraging,


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