Friday, September 9, 2011

Back in the Saddle

So here I am...back in the saddle.  I've been working out with Leslie for a little over a month (2X/wk).  I've started focusing on CLEAN eating again and I'm loving the way I feel and the success I've FINALLY started to experience.  12/30/2010 I weighed 285 pounds.  Today I weighed 265.5.  Yes it's slow.  Yes I could have done more, but I AM STILL EXCITED.  For the VERY first time in any of my previous, pitiful attempts to lose weight, I feel HOPE. 

I have realized that there is no such thing as a "meal off" or a "day off".  Really, you just do or don't.  You HAVE to live this way all the time IF you want to really live and feel well.  I am honestly growing closer to the Lord throughout this journey also.  I know He made me wonderfully and fearfully.  I can experience "abundant" living when I follow His plan.  When I "offer my body as a living sacrifice" I have a MUCH better day.  I am learning the connection between body, spirit, mind, soul and I'm enjoying embracing ALL of who I am and who I am becoming.

Yesterday, I had a fabulous time ALONE.  That's a new one too.  Usually I fear being alone.  Usually, I want to be surrounded by people.  However, yesterday it was me, God, the water and a trail in Montreat.  I pushed myself.  It felt GREAT.  I sweated, I walked, I jogged and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it! For a brief moment in time I understood how people become runners.  I understood the joy of moving, of being outside, of LIVING.  I will forever be grateful for that time.  I pray that I have many more days, moments, opportunities such as that.

So here's to growing, changing, loving, living, moving, losing AND becoming.  Have a great day in Him!!!

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