Friday, September 16, 2011

My Very First 5K

There was no starting pistol.  No people cheering me on at the finish line.  There was no number assigned or special jersey worn.  In fact there wasn't anyone or anything but me. 
Today I walked the Fall by the Tracks 5K route JUST to see if I could even do it.  I mean I haven't walked more than 2.5 miles in at least 5 years.  That is a sad fact, but true.  I've been walking regularly for the last several weeks and thought I could do it, but wanted to make it all the way without stopping.  Once I started I thought hey I can do this, but I hope I can do it in less than an hour and a half.  Well when I finished I looked at my stopwatch and I had walked 5K in 53 minutes. 

Now I am FULLY aware that this is a SLOW pace to joggers/runners.  I am aware that if I were actually to enter this race and complete it in this time I would be the LAST one across the finish line.  However, today it wasn't about that.  It was about being as strong as I could be and doing something new.  It was about pushing myself a little farther.  It was about visualizing myself doing something and completing it!!!! 

While on my walk I saw two things I can't wrap my mind around.....The beauty of God's creation and Disc Golf.  What's up with that sport????  Anywho..... I am thinking about entering this race officially, but it's only 17 days and I'm not sure I could shed enough time to not be embarrassed.  Leslie (my trainer) thinks I should give it a go, but I'm not sure.  There's always next year.  So anyway...I'm a happy girl.  I did it and I know it won't be the last time I walk 5K or MORE.  Have a great weekend. 

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  1. I vote you do it. I'll even join you and we can practice up until the day of! Elah will be happy as a clam riding along, and you'd get even more exercise by pushing the boys in your stroller! I love you, I'm SO proud of you... you're doing GREAT!