Sunday, December 5, 2010

There's Strength in Numbers

So I posted earlier about accountability and it's importance in success.  Well I was chatting with a friend of mine on FB last night and we decided a FB group might be helpful.  So...I'm gonna try and start one today.  I will invite people so let me know via email if you wanna join.  Oh and I'm open for suggestions about creative titles for the group.

I can tell that I'm still having trouble with internal motivation.  Leslie was sick on Thursday with a Migraine and I didn't work out because she wasn't here.  Also I was just TOO tired to go to class on Saturday.  NOT GOOD.  Pray for me that I can keep making changes so that I don't feel as if I NEED somebody to get me going.  I was also doing REALLY well with my walking and I haven't walked in about two weeks.  YIKES!!
Yesterday was sure a shot in the arm though.  I had to find a shirt to wear for the Christmas musical on the 12th.  I went to Catherine's and found a turtleneck.  I'm not too happy with the fit, but I hope it will work.  Aside from that the dressing room is TORTURE AND MOTIVATION all in one.  I HATE those lights.  I HATE those mirrors.  I have a lot of work to do and I realize that even though I am going to lose weight I will NEVER look like a model.  I just want to be healthy, happy, whole and FREE and I'm on the way.

So once again I'm grateful that today's a NEW day.  Even though there's ice on the ground I'm gonna try and get my legs a walkin' today.  Gonna make the FB group.  Gonna eat healthy and clean.  Gotta drink some water!!! 

Have a blessed day,



  1. So I'm signing the eviction notice and will be starting my daily walking on Saturday to get this baby OUT! Care to join me? ;-)

  2. Count me in sweetie!!! Let's get that youngun here, and let's keep walking AFTER she arrives too huh??? I did make a FB group for us that are trying to be a little healthier. Wanna join???

  3. Girl! I haven't went walking in a long time!! When it got cold....I stopped! I am such a slacker!! The worst part is it doesn't take long to go down hill and then you have to start all over again!!! Ugh!