Saturday, May 4, 2013

Training I will register for my first half-marathon.  I can't even believe I'm typing these words or considering pushing my body to run 13.1 miles.  If all goes well on July 20, 2013 I will be participating in the windhorse run.  I will be running alongside of my pastors.  We had our first training run yesterday.  Not quite four miles.  My mind tells me I can't do this.  My heart tells me I can.  Praying that my heart wins.

I've only run 10+ miles once.  It was on a series of trails in Montreat, NC.  Our group ran leisurely.  It was about fun, distance, enjoying the sunshine.  We stopped when we needed to stretch, get a drink or use the bathroom.  I don't know how I'm going to do this, but I'm going to try.  My crunchy knee reminds me of the years of obesity. 

Speaking of which...seriously how much weight does a girl have to lose before she's not "obese" anymore.  I think if I hear the Wii Fit program say "that's obese" once more I'll vomit.  109 pounds isn't good enough?  Runtastic says I'm obese.  My scale says I'm obese....guess I'm still OBESE.  124 will NEVER happen.  140...that's more like it.  Trying to stay positive in a world with mixed messages and charts, graphs, numbers, sizes, measurements can be tough.  One pound at a time, that's all I can celebrate. 

We've had several days of sunshine here in Everett.  This entire weekend is to be sunny and in the 70's.  I am hoping today involves a walk, run, hike or trip to the park.  I'm praying that I can spend time with my friend Melissa on a trail.  Sunshine is a GIFT and I'm not going to take it for granted.  Keep reading.  Keep trying.  Keep believing in me AND in yourself.  Change is possible.  I'm missing my running gals from back home, but oh how you would love the view here.  Blessings to whomever might read and have a fabulous weekend.

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