Monday, December 5, 2011

Victory Looks Good on Me!!!

I had a truly remarkable and glorious weekend.  It's one that I want to journal so I can go back to this time for encouragement in days to come. 

Saturday Nathan took me to Belk and bought me a NEW OUTFIT!  A beautiful pair of gray/black dress pants (2 sizes smaller I might add) and an eye popping red sweater with a dramatic neckline (once again 2 sizes smaller).  Both pieces were on sale and we even looked at shoes, but just couldn't find the right pair.  I was so blessed and honestly felt beautiful.  Nathan's eyes lit up when I came out of the dressing room.  He was the one that suggested I get the smaller size in the sweater.  I was blessed by his encouragement, love and support.  After our shopping trip we went to eat at Pomodoro's S. with Mandy and Jamie Dunham.  We had a GREAT time, a lovely meal (that didn't bother my tummy..YEAH), and a blessed time of sharing.  After that we wisked away to make it to Biltmore Baptist Church for the annual Carolina Mountain Christmas Spectacular.  It was just that "spectacular".  It was different from anything I've seen or heard before.  I was especially impressed with the orchestra.  They did a fabulous job.  We came home to an EMPTY house (thanks to the Barker family) and watched an episode of 24. 

After sleeping a little bit later on Sunday morning I got up, put on my new outfit and got ready for church.  We decided to attend Bethel Baptist (my in-law's church).  Boy am I glad we did!  My father-in-law did a fablous job as the narrator and the sweet, little choir presented the Christmas story in a clear, precious, uncluttered way.  Afterwards we joined our family for lunch and had a great time.  When we arrived home I REALLY wanted a nap.  However, I put my workout clothes on and took my bootie up to Montreat.  I walked the Gate/Elizabeth's path and then up Texas Rd. and around Lake Susan.  On the way back to the truck I jogged almost 3/4 mile.  I was SOOOO pleased.  I couldn't believe I was capable of all that.  Not my best time in the world, but I logged 2.5 miles in 49 minutes.  Everyday I'm getting stronger.  It's exciting and humbling all at the same time.  LIFE group was after that.  I didn't feel tempted to overeat and I had the opportunity to share what a spiritual battle/journey this weight loss is.  I felt loved, supported and prayed for by my sweet faith family.  I am choosing moment by moment to submit and surrender my will to Christ's care and control and to humble myself to allow God to change me.  WOW!  It's tough, but oh so good.

Today I went for my regular Monday/Wednesday class with Leslie Raper and my girls (Sue and Angie).  It was a powerful, challenging and fun workout (as usual).  Afterwards I went with Leslie to Azalea park and we walked/jogged for 25 minutes.  There was MUCH more jogging than walking and I couldn't be more excited.  I've decided to REALLY do a 5K in February of next year.  We are going to continue our prep/training.  Leslie said she would run it with me.  What a friend.  I'm so blessed that God brought her into my life.  I feel completely empowered.  Tomorrow is my first new patient appointment with Dr. Eric Lewis.  I really feel as if things are coming together. 

Victory looks good on me!!!! 

PS.  As of today I'm down 43.3 pounds!!!

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