Sunday, March 6, 2011

WINTER Blues....

So obviously I haven't posted in more than a month. I would love to say "I'm sorry" as I usually do, far too often I might add. However, it simply is what it is. Our family has been hit with the "Winter Blues". All five children suffered with an upper respiratory virus and the last of us are currently recovering from a NASTY WICKED stomach virus. I am praying that Joseph and Jesse have been spared. Sickness, snow, school closings, baby sitter cancellations, Upward schedule conflicts, you name it have prevented me from continuing to Work with Leslie on a regular basis. Basically February was a BUST. I did join WW on Jan. 31st but have only lost one pound since my first weigh in with them. I am hoping to get back on the band wagon. Had joined a Monday meeting, but not sure that my babysitter can continue that time. Might have to switch to a Wednesday slot. I did get to work out on February 26th and March 2nd. It felt glorious (although I was more sore than I had EVER been). Praying that THIS week life will return to some sense of "normalcy" whatever that is for me.'s to continuing on a journey.

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