Thursday, April 25, 2013

In Case You Wanted to Know

Do you remember months ago when I posted that I was gifted with $199 as an incentive to get below 200 pounds?

I'm not sure I posted what I bought with that money.  I want to share you.  I spent the last $20 this week. 

1.  A dress and jacket were purchased for my 100 pound party (which I didn't get to have...YET)
 They were in a size 14/16 and the first dress I've purchased in a decade or longer.

2.  2 pairs of shoes (heels)

3.  A pair of jeans (size 14)

4.  A coffee date for me and a friend

5. Two new bras

6.  Paid registration for myself and Mandy Dunham to run the Valentine's 5K (this was her 1st race)

So...thank you to whomever blessed me.  It was truly a miracle and I pray you are pleased with my purchases. 

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